The Runaway Jury (John Grisham)

Hello, friends 🙂 It’s been awhile! With less than two months to go in the year, I’ve been taking stock of how I’m doing on this year’s Book Challenge. This is the 28th book, and I challenged myself to read 36 (which, according to Goodreads, means I’m two books behind schedule). That’s ok. I originally only put myself down to read 24 (two per month), then changed it to a “stretch” goal of three per month, so I’m just happy I’ve gotten this many done. My excuse is that school has been busy this semester! In fact, I probably would have gotten through the latest one faster if it hadn’t been for school stuff. It was much more interesting than the time it took me to read it would suggest.

Title – The Runaway Jury

Author – John Grisham

Page count – 550

Rating – Buy/Borrow/Bypass + Goodreads 3/5 (Liked It)

I’ve never been especially drawn to the legal thriller/crime fiction genre. Honestly, the only reason I read this one is that I’m trying to whittle down a stack of books that I currently own but don’t want to take with me the next time I move (approximately six months from now). This is a pretty thick book so getting it out of the pile made a decent dent. But it was actually interesting! I was pleasantly surprised at how it held my attention. Continue reading “The Runaway Jury (John Grisham)”


Gone Girl (#27/50)

That was intense.

It took me less than three days to finish this book because I could not. put. it. down. I haven’t seen the movie version, but I did know the spoilers. That didn’t make it any less of a thriller to read; if anything, it made the story more riveting – knowing exactly what was going to go down and savoring the whole, intricately deranged spectacle.

I’m going to warn you right now, there will be **SPOILERS** after the title/author/page count break.

Title – Gone Girl

Author – Gillian Flynn

Page count – 415 Continue reading “Gone Girl (#27/50)”