Another Brooklyn (Jacqueline Woodson)

This was a beautiful story to explore. I almost feel like my experience is incomplete having only read it once. This is a book that needs to be savored again.

Title – Another Brooklyn

Author – Jacqueline Woodson

Page count – 170

Goodreads rating – 4/5 (really liked it)

I’ll give as much description as I can, but it needs to stay vague to avoid giving anything important away. It’s really better if you discover the secrets and answers for yourself.

This book is fictional prose, but the author’s background in poetry is clearly evident. Our narrator’s name is August, and in this story we learn about her life through current events and flashbacks…but it’s not always immediately clear where we are in time. She talks about her relationships with her father, mother, and brother, and how she came to know her three best friends Sylvia, Angela, and Gigi. The story explores friendships, family, community, and the process of growing into young adulthood.

“This is memory.” It’s a line that repeats throughout and perfectly captures the feeling this book exudes. As the reader, it’s like observing a hazy dream unfolding in bits and pieces that start to fit together as the story progresses but never quite make it there. Like I said earlier, I definitely want to read this one again.

“If someone had asked, Are you lonely? I would have said, No. I would have pointed to my brother and said, He’s here. I would have lied even as the empty streets on rainy afternoons threatened to swallow me whole. If it was the autumn after Sylvia, Angela, Gigi, and I became inseparable, I would have pulled them close, bending deep into the balm of their laughter.” (p. 47)


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