The Chamber of Secrets (#6/50)

So, I decided it would be a good idea to read three books at once. First, I started what I can only describe as a theology textbook (Although, I was that girl who actually read her textbooks for fun. Don’t judge me.), and it is – understandably – a little too dense to read for long stretches of time. So, to break it up with something lighter, I returned to the greatest series of all time: Harry Potter. I am almost done with my theology book and hope to have that review posted by the end of the weekend. My third book is a sort of self-help book about positivity in the workplace. I am reading that during my lunch breaks at work, so it could take some time…Stay tuned.

Title – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Author – J.K. Rowling

Page Count – 341

***No major spoilers ahead – just minor plot details*** Skip to the quote at the end if you haven’t read the books and don’t want to spoil the fun 🙂 Continue reading “The Chamber of Secrets (#6/50)”


Searching for Sunday (#5/50)

I needed to read this book right now. My relationship with the church rides a sort of roller coaster that always circles back to a stage that reminds me of that line in Brokeback Mountain – “I wish I knew how to quit you.” Maybe it’s the political tension and division of people claiming the title of Christian that always seems to fester in an especially irritating way running up to an election year. Maybe it’s because I’m part of the so-called Millenial generation – you know, the ones who can’t commit to anything and always think in terms of “me, me, me” (at least according to some people). These things sometimes make me want to run for the hills and away from the church, but for whatever reason, I keep coming back.

Title – Searching for Sunday: Loving, Leaving, and Finding the Church

Author – Rachel Held Evans (RHE)

Page count – 258

I’d actually read this book before, but it seemed an appropriate start to the Lenten season. I ordered it after reading another of RHE’s books – A Year of Biblical Womanhood (which, among other things, pulls apart the idea of the impossibly perfect, “Godly” woman we’ve come to associate with Proverbs 31). Continue reading “Searching for Sunday (#5/50)”

The Two Towers (#4/50)

This one was a chore. And I hate saying that because I really like the Middle Earth stories, both in book and movie form. (Exception: The Hobbit movies. Don’t even get me started.) Although of the LOTR movies, the second is my least favorite, which may explain why this book was such a drag this time around. I picked it because I wanted something a little lighter/easier and quicker, and I thought a re-read would fulfill that. Nope, and nope. Should’ve gone with Harry Potter. Still a great fantasy story but with larger print.

Title: The Lord of the Rings, part two: The Two Towers

Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

Page count: 415 pages of the tiniest print EVER

**Spoilers for the first book in the trilogy: The Fellowship of the Ring** Continue reading “The Two Towers (#4/50)”